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ultimate off road test drive


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Mar 12, 2010
Hi Guys,
Another aussie article on a test drive from Sydney to Fraser Island off road, with a fully kitted out 78 troopy as support truck. With a variety of terrain, the 150s, a 5 door and 3 door performed incredibly well, especially as they were on road tyres. in fact on one slippery ,steep,muddy mountain track,the troopy was the only one to get stuck!!
In the test it made everyone sit up and take notice of what a serious 4wd machine it could be.

To Quote,

"I can state right now that we pushed these vehicles beyond what most expect and they were simply awesome-getting into places that many other 4wds would come unstuck,or should that be simply stuck."

"Overall, we agree that they took on everything we threw at them,which was a lot,and came through without breaking a single component.A few scrathes but they excelled."

So they like them down under.One test driver owns a 2008 120, his view,
"I had the opportunity to drive the new prado for 6 days over various types of terrain. I own a 2008 D4D GXL Prado and understand its limits. Straight out of the factory the new prado blew me away with what they did."

They like it down under.

Hope to see you in June.

Also, one of the other drivers owns a Pajero,and this was his view,

"Within an hour of the start,we were putting the Prados thru their paces. To my surprisethey handled the steep rocky climbs with ease. I'm sure my pajero and other modified 4WDs would've struggled.Throughout the trip we encountered a number of different track conditions and the Prados handled everything with ease. In fact they were screaming out for more..
Naturally I compared the Prado to my Pajero,but to be honest,there really is no comparison-the Prado is in a different class.Would I buy one,yes."

Another convert,yay!! :lol:
Is there a link you could post Tony?
Its in the 4WD action magazine,not sure if whole article is there too, but the site is,

Great forum on there too, shed loads of stuff, builds etc. Loads of yotas!!
Interesting that the only downside that people can come up with (and mark the 150 down seriously for) is that the controls are not as easy to use as the Disco 4 with it's simple switch.

However... I figure this is only an issue for the first day or so you use a vehicle and to be honest I like the fact you have separate controls for diff locks and stuff rather than just a single turn switch. Maybe that's just me but then everyone tends to reckon that the 150 is pretty much as good off road as the Disco 4 (which seems to be the benchmark for all of these tests) just the controls are more complex.

Seems the ability of the 150 is without question especially the crawl mode.