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update on Exhaust



Hi All
Well the boys think its all done now exhaust on and running a dream but
I haven't seen it yet. Will report back after I collect the car. It
took 3 hrs to get the exhaust on so my plans to save money failed
completely. Froggies are not being too helpful but then they are all in
a flap over Billings prep.
I have decided to replace the shocks/springs with the OME set and hope
that Froggies come up with a good price. So far they haven't.
Apparently I will get a "free" lift when I change them over from stock
so what are the implications re handling, steering etc??? Also which
ones do I go for?? Front end is stock ie no extra weight and the rear
has to cope with maybe hundred to 200lbs of tools at a time (Currently
renovating the Hughes property empire and constantly carting bags of
tools, tiles, washing machines etc all over the country).
All the best

Simon Hughes

Tel: 020 7549 3663
Mobile: 07973 288061
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As I said on the phone, if you are having probs with Frogs Island, talk
directly to Eddie and mention the ELCO list - he has promised us 5%
dicount for any members and also should pull his finger out to avoid
any bad publicity.
As for the suspension, take a look at and
look at their options for the 80s. They list various combinations of
spring/shock to achieve various ride heights for various lifts - they
do list one that give nominal lift for improved ride - I suspect that
this is what you would want.
You shouldn't need the castor correction kit and may or may not want to
replace the steering damper.
Whilst doing the suspension, consider also upgrading the suspension
bushes - there are Old Man Emu and other manufacureres kits, but
probably cheaper to get the Milner Poly bush kits.
If you need help with changing the suspension come down to the
Cotswolds for a day - I even have the poly bushes in stock.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Skype: julianvoelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift