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VDJ79 gearbox


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Mar 28, 2021
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Hey all I recently just changed my clutch in my 2012 VDJ79 dual cab and also changed the slave cylinder and thrust bearing. I'm running 400hp at the wheels and chose a mantic clutch (4T twin disc clutch). I was driving back from work the other day and I knew the thrust bearing had been making some noises for a while and I even did a clutch pedal adjustment and as of late when you drive from 40kmhr to whatever speed your doing it will squeal and chitter. I recently put sound deadening in the vehicle and it's really loud I can hear it through that. Would anyone know if it's definitely the thrust bearing and if there is anything I can do about it in the meantime?

I also got another thrust bearing sent from mantic just in case but could it also be that the vehicle isn't meant to have a twin disc clutch? Not sure just throwing ideas out. Need as much help as possible thank you :)