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veg oil was anyone Running Biodiesel in their 80?



I run Daisy on 90/80% oil and 10/20% diesel in her main tank. Any vegetable
oil works ok but it isnt that much cheaper at the moment. If you want really
cheap you have to go for WVO. If I go too low on the mix (too much oil and
not enough diesel)i get a misfire at just over 1000 rpm - this is consistent
and only when on oil.
Cons - loss of boot space if you go twin tank, plus the hassle of purging as
you end a journey and the fact that you have to fill up the auxilary diesel
tank about once a week.
When she is hot and doing long runs she runs well on oil, on short trips it
is a lot of hassle for a relatively small gain. Cost =A31200 ish to have it
converted by dieselveg but not 100% happy with the set up
there is a vegoil forum which is usually good although it has got a bit of a
flame war on at the moment
Claire :-}
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This is perhaps a separate thread, but I am curious what experience others
may have had using vegetable oil in their 80's. I have read about people who
buy catering grade veg oil from the cash and carry and dilute it with
diesel. Seemingly this is a problem for some vehicles, but absolutley no
problem for others!
What is the best type of oil? What dilution ratio? Other than economy what
are the pros? What are the cons?
Paul Driver
Ilkley, West Yorkshire
[Email address removed]
07718 782828
I have a auxiliary long range tank and wonder if I can keep my veg oil/bio
diesel there and pump it into the main tank as needed.
What is the forum that you mention?