Want to make a list of who wants what?


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Feb 24, 2010
springs, gauteng
A couple of times now, Lincomb and Paul's invertors sales, people have needed to make a list of who wants what. This is a pain from the user's perspective because you need to keep a running list but cannot go back and edit your list.

Setup a poll.

Using Paul's Invertor sale as an example, you could setup a poll with 3 options: 500W, 700W, 2000W, "remove me"
Allow users to vote once (or more?) per option.
So if Bob wants a 500 and a 2000, he can vote once for each. If he changes his mind, he can vote "Remove Me"

When the original person wants to end it, send me a PM and I can send a quick list of who wants what. That part takes 10 minutes to do.

It's a crude way of managing it but is simple enough to work for smaller things like this. Makes your life a bit easier.
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