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warm up/idling times [chat]



You could say that Julian maight say "ask Renate, that woman's always
worried about something or other...!" Seriously, moving on mentally is
actually quite hard - even though I usually have faith in the Beast this
faith has been put sorely to the test recently because of one large
expense after another. The 1HDT engine is one of the most solid I've
had the pleasure of pushing to limits, and it has never failed me yet
(touch would it never will).
I sometimes just listen to the engine for a few minutes - not for any
other reason but to hear the same sound it always makes, comforting,
regular, even after a hard says slog in the dunes it sounds even better
than it does in the UK. The engine is certainly a lot stronger than the
Don't beat yourself over the head John, you don't need to. and the
worst thing you can do to yourself is think negative of the Beast
because then, like me you'll get to a point where you're just waiting
for something to happen.
Hope this helps you, even just a little
>>> [Email address removed] 12/17/04 04:09pm >>>
John wrote: "Now can I move on mentally with out waiting for them to go