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Was Engine Oil now LRFT



Jeremy, graham et al
Snorkels are okay, you know I've got one - only because I got flooded out
once in tunisia and vowed to rectify the situation after I got back - so
yeah, I do a bit of aquatic things every now and again (well, I am a trained
Re LRFT - mines bust because I forgot to get it protected by a steel plate
and now it leaks 'cos I was at Gareths and the jack thingy slipped, so yes,
its been ruptured - I gonna have to take the entire thing out, flush it out
and get it welded - I had it imported from South Africa, think it cost me
about ?1000 or something like this - its a 170 ltr one - ideal for those
long-haul trips to somewhere a darn site more hotter than the weather we're
having at the moment! which I hate...!
I can't remember the name but TJM do one I think and obviously suppliers in
Australia - actually I think the exchange rate is quire favourable for us
brits at the moment.
Happy hunting
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Graham and Lucinda
There's no doubt that synthetic offers many more goodies for engines - in
the last few months there have been detailed missives from people like Craig
on the subject giving an insight that only engineers can provide.
I don't use synthetic - simply because if something goes horribly wrong in
the middle of nowhere I know I can get oil to get me through. Unless of
course I carried squillions of litres of the stuff in the back of my car but
I reseve the space for the essentials of being on the road for several
It's a hard one but for my needs, I won't go synthetic just yet.
HDJ81V with the usual suspects and about to sort out a LRFT and should I get
a snorkel while I'm at it?
By the way, there was talk of roof racks the other day ... Fully recommend
the Patriot racks, full length one on my car with eezi-awn awning attached.