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was <no subject>, now FJ40 in UK



Steve wrote:
<I have just joined the list and whilst chatting to Julian recently, he
suggested that I should introduce myself.
I have just purchased a 1979 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40, petrol, green, 3
geared import. I am based in Clapham, SW London. The car is to my knowledge
un-modified and in pretty good original condition. The bodywork will
probably need attention in a year or two, but it certainly a passable
The car was imported from Java, where the previous owner was living. He had
owned it for five years in total, two in Java, three in the UK. He imported
it and interestingly, avoided all import duties and VAT as he had owned it
for more than one year, a substantial saving.
I have a couple of questions, I am aware that the FJ40 was never imported to
the UK by Toyota, does anyone know roughly how many are actually in the UK
Are heaters still available? Mine has a huge air con unit but no heater, I'm
not too fussed, but my wife has an interest in some semblance of basic
Lastly, for now, is there a decent and reasonably priced after market power
steering unit, that you can buy for the FJ40, and if so who sells it?
Another female request.>
Dear Steve,
I had an FJ45 Pickup last year that was originally from Saudi. It was fitted
with a heater from a Mini of all things and worked fine!
The model you have was sold in the UK to some degree I believe, but was sold
in greater quantities in Ireland, so it might be worth a try there. Failing
that, the USA is your best bet, there being a big following for them over
I've never seen a PAS kit for them, but from memory, a lot of the parts from
that area could well have been carried through to later models, such as the
60 series and the early leaf sprung 70 series. I know what you mean -
DEFINITELY keep your thumbs out of the way on the loose......:)
The other place were they were popular was Portugal - I believe we have a
Portuguese representative on our books??
Hope this helps, it's good to see a diversity of models appearing here in
the UK!
Best regards
Neill Watson
1989 FJ62 South African spec