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was Tyre Size now overlanding



Its about what I thought. I recently went to see them especially with
regards to re-prepping l'beast and they quoted over GBpounds3000! and this
was without things such as steel rims and new tyres, without LRFT etc
I can probably do it cheaper myself!
I'm not a mechanic but I'm getting there...
I've been doing trips 'unofficially' since 2000 and already have a small
client-base, now I have to register with the tax people...HMCustoms &
Excise...VAT...and others etc. I guess I want to make it 'legal' and all
This is why I'm going ahead through choice with a full-blown Business
course, an opportunity that I thought too good to refuse! and the next
level up is Business Management. I'm in the process of becoming a member of
AiTO too!
Soon I'll be accredited, and this feels good.
EO were always on the more expensive side (apart from Exodus of course) - so
this is where you get your offroad interest from!? I should have known...
I once had dealings with Guerba but than Guerba in my eyes turned 'bad' they
seem okay now but I don't think I'd travel with them unless someone paid me
to do it! they've branched out with their 'intrepid' trips.
I have good relations with Point-Afrique and other groups - we are in
competition to an extent, but I wanna do the "now for something completely
different!" scenario.
Its interesting how people 'in da trade' as it were (overlanding) how we all
somehow get to know each other; I'm happy with this because we do services
for one another and help each other out, and I've some of the best contacts
in North Africa, all gained through hard-work, so I'm branching out a little
too, the time is right, the market good. And to be honest, there's not much
else out there that I want to do, devote my life to...except the research
side which is also another branch on da Tree of Knowledge & Experience.
First love is da beast and overlanding in Africa. I began overlanding in
1995 in Zambia, then moved on to Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Now
its Africa, and maybe Near or Middle East
You quote" I never realised you are in the Overlanding industry... I spent
88 - 91
as a EL for Encounter Overland in Asia and Africa, sadly never made it
to South America... "