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was Tyre Size now rope



Large gaps between the thread is not a problem really, an offroading friend
of mine used thin, tall mud tyres in algeria, I just had the usual.
There might be an issue with say, acacia thorns (2-3 inch long and killers!)
might get caught inbetween, but most ATs and MTs have good thick rubber on
the driving surface, and I don't know of anyone whove lost a tyre to acacia
thorns but I guess there's always a first time (me, probably!).
I'm in the process of contemplating 17" ones as I have the lift (lots of
space between top of tyre and wheel arch) to carry them off so they won't
get caught, though I'll need to remove the fenders to make certain, I can't
go for really wide footprint ones, but then, I wouldn't want to, my current
BFGs are wide enough - someone looked at them one day at a ferry terminal
and sniffed "arn't they a bit wide?", "No!" I said, they're okay for what I
want, and they do the bizz.
I'd have to change the wheel itself to accommodate 17", but my mate said
that he didn't think they would do much better than the ones I already have,
except it might be better to get taller ones instead, so that's what I'll
do - I value his comments, so its gonna be taller, thinner ones, and maybe
16" as a good compromise!
You wrote:
"I was looking at my tyres today mainly just because of all the talk at the
moment about tyres."
When I got my cargo net I thought it would be big enough, it turned out it
was okay for the top loads, next to useless inside the car, so I used the
next best thing - my mates finest heaviest tarpaulin on top of the cargo,
and secured with those good all rounders, ratchet tie downs (and yes, I
still have problems with the ratchets...!)for the indoor stuff
Mine streches a bit, and is made from stretchy elasticy stuff with
nylon/propylene mix. I also carry a load of spare blue rope - my tuareg pal
said, "have you got some spare blue rope for my camels?" yes, I said, I
have 50m of the stuff! he laughed - and took about 20m! actually, he liked
the blue colour, I offered him white, he shook his head, no, he'd like
blue!and he did have at least 25 camels at the time, now he has 50 according
to my spies in algeria.
Yup, it is too bulky when not in use - I used it once. I'm fed up with the
effing thing! (I was gonna try and sell it on eBay...)
You wrote:
"A little off topic as sometimes happens but was mentioned in the last
thread. I have been on the look out for a cargo net of a few mts square
made of rubber elastic stuff"
I cant find any of a size that will cover a roofrack or a load in the boot.
I thought I did and bought a cargo net only to find it was too bulky when
not in use and too ridget ,(made of nylon) I think."