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was Tyre Size now tyre damage



True enough! had that problem with an aging hilux back in 2000! a piece of
stone in the Tassili cut sheer through a wheel bolt - so we had to saw off
the opposite one with a hacksaw - whilst others made a fire and a pot of
char. Not me of course! I was in front with the others!
Its a funny thing that - I have more problems in europe and the uk then in
North Africa! but I'm sure my luck (chance/destiny) will change at some
point! this is why I don't do mud much - but not the real reason - just
detest the stuff - mud, although it does give l'beast a nice brown sheen!
which I gladly wear, and i haven't even washed l'beast from the last tussle
in the Brecon Beacons! no point really....
I'll have to start giving it the onceover undeneath now, on a regular basis
as I (l'beast) got a face full of Salt the other week whilst toddling along
on the A4 from Bath!
I put the shot michelins a few years back to wrong weight distribution -
I've never seen such a high beast! (glad it wasn't mine!)
You wrote:
Agreed, driver skill and experience are important but luck ( or perhaps
chance is a better word) has some bearing particularly in mud and I imagine
sometimes in sand, you can't avoid what you can't see.