was Vibrations now steering veering to left



Sripad et al
I'm a seasoned customer with Milner - I wasn't anticipating replacing them
but they do feel as if they're getting a little worn, but maybe this is just
because of the muck around the prop shafts! so the guy will look at the prop
shafts, clean them up, re-grease and check the joints, and if he suggests I
consider replacing the joints, as Gareth advised, then I will do so.
Thanks for this, its nice to have more than one opinion, and I value all
your comments and advice!
Rear Propshaft UJ 1990 - 1998
10.00>> seems very reasonable to me
One more thing, any advice from you guys on what could be causing the
steering veering to the left? damaged drive shaft? steering column
imbalanced? tyres and wheels are balanced - they were done recently, so I
don't think it is this - trying to find out what the problem is by a process
of elimination.
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Milner sells UJs cheaper http://www.milneroffroad.com/HDJ80.HTM
One hour job to replace the rear propshaft's both UJs. It was really simple.
Basingstoke, UK
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