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website hosting


Mar 14, 2010
Hi y'all
Just wondering whether any of you can recommend a domain host/server (is this what they are called?) for a new website that I'm wanting to create, one that is good value for money?
I know some peeps have bought up entire domain host/servers, instead of just buying a couple of years' webspace.
Ideally it would be good to buy a domain name that is mine forever, and is not just for a couple of years.
I'd like to have email facility as well as website facility that is linked together. Would you recommend I do it this way?
Or would you recommend I buy (or downloead a freebee) programme and then buy a host server when it's ready to rock and roll?
There are so many freebees out there I don't know which to go for, so any personal recommendations would be great
My website is about overlanding naturally.
Cheers m'-dears
I use for the domain hosting for this and other domains. Not sure if they the absolute cheapest but they've served me well for years now. As for hosting, they do offer it but again I'm not sure on value for money. I don't use them for that.
Hosting for this site is kindly provided by Jon (fastHost I think) and I host my other sites on a home server. There are many free offers about and as for different options and companies, the choice is so wide you could end up looking forever.
Find one that ticks the boxes that you want and go with it.
I Use who are good value. I moved there from 1 and 1 who were getting very expensive.
One thing you do not need to pay for is email services. Some of the ISPs want to charge you for the bolt ons. Google host mail brilliantly. For Free :D
either or

both excellent corporate grade hosters for not a lot of money
I have a site on 123.reg & i'm happy with the service so far & it seems fairly cheap
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I dropped UK2 as their customer service is pants! I had a and a .co with them but decided it wasn't worth the hasstle.

I have always had my main through Namesco (I believe the same company as simply and reg123). Easy simple and no fuss. A good hosting company is IFB based in Aberdeen (they can even build the website for you). Fast servers that are maitained by BT without the high overheads BT usually charge.