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Wheels 'n windows



IMHO the best option is NATO type steel rims. Cheap aftermarket rims
will bend like
beckham, and those shiny alloys will crack rather then bend, making it
impossible to beat them back to shape with a big hammer.
Jon, what did they put on the LC's used for fieldwork in Bosnia?
Well, errrr, actually, split steel 16inch ;-)
They are very thick and I only have one ding which I inherited with the 80.
We all run with rubber rim liners though, and balancing seems no problem to
the fitters when you watch them do it, and the weights stay on OK. (I
think its only idiots who run alloys on working vehicles, you never see
them on vehicles supplied to do a job). My 4Runner had the same split
rims too (also ex UN) so in 4 years of owning my own Toys here I have had 2
punctures - one of indeterminate cause, one which was a construction site
screw, and one slow puncture which went down over a long period. So despite
the knocks I give the 80 - touch wood - no problems with my tyres. They are
Dunlop Grand Trek which have never been changed and still look good for
another year or so. (All this in the context that I am running a military
spec and they all come with these wheels as standard. I would have thought
it compares with NATO standards, as we have the NATO trailer hitches and
wiring). If you like I can take a close-up picture and put it on my Yahoo
pictures page.
Yes you are right, you do see 7.50's but mostly on Defenders here! We
only see 8 spokes on the Pajero's run by OSCE which are fitted as extra,
but they rarely go into the rough stuff as that organisation is concerned
with elections and reorganising local authorities etc. They are so cheap
that pressure washing removes the white paint and exposes the orange
primer, obviously bought at a price!
Plenty of split rim 16 inch at my breakers ! >:-}
By the way Roman, sorry I mixed Webasto with Kenlowe Hot Start - the latter
being nearer my cheapskate price level !
Jon in Serbia how does your windows hold out in that cold
Serbia JB ? They are the 'enemy' !!
Remember that in Bosnia my 80 is full military spec as are all UN vehicles.
Therefore for use in battlefield and conflict situations they use the
simple military notion that less is more. The 2 electric gismos fitted to
save me manual work in driving the thing are electric wipers and a starter
motor ;-)
Sorry I don't inhabit the world of luxury off-roading ! But WJ's remarks
about the window in snow are dead right. A heated screen would make life so
much easier. I'll manage without electric winders, and just luxuriate in
the company of my gismo's every time I am in UK and driving my de luxe Pajero !
Cheers all
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia