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Wheels & Tyres OFFER

Do you think this is a good offer?

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Milner Off Road

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Nov 12, 2014
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From now until the end of March

Buy a set of 4 wheels and tyres and get a free filter kit!

Steel Modular Wheel or Black 8 Spoke

Please call for tyres - many variants available
Andrew 01629 734411

Prices start from £380 + vat

Filter Kits are only available for vehicles we stock for.
Andrew, I think at least a hint of what tyres you have might be helpful. There will be a range of sizes of course, but 265, 285 16's are pretty common for this forum

Maxxis, Coopers, BFG etc? All Terrain, Mud Terrain?

Without that, I can't really see what we'd be voting on.
Basically if you have a tyre in mind give us a call. We can get hold of most makes and sizes.

( My account still won't let me post pictures, so limited to what I can put up)