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Where did you fellas put your reverse camera ?


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Feb 2, 2013
80 series specific .

Mine is mainly because I read about a teacher accidentally reversing over a toddler he couldn't see which is the stuff of nightmares .

I will eventually have a swingout bumper so so putting a camera in the numberplate light will only mean relocating it later .

As far as i can tell the only option i have for the blind spot that concerns me is to drill a hole in the cross member above my nato hitch weakening the the member .

Pics please - of the cam and the view it gives .
Shayne you could get an internal one and attach it to the inside of the rear window high up some are very small and unobtrusive the only downside is window cleaning
Where i suggested on the cross member makes it 30 inches high , i can't see the tow hitch from inside or else inside
would be my preference .
OK then how about making up a bracket to attach to any mounting points already in place or another place could be up near the top mounted washer jet giving you a better view of the hitch and area or as you have already mentioned a no plate camera and relocate it later most decent kits should come with enough cable for relocation at a later stage of your build other than that I'm out of ideas someone must be of a higher functionality than me
I've a roof mounted one on the van which TBH is largely useless; the one on the Hilux is mounted on the tailgate and points down and back - its excellent and allows me to park within literally a few mms away from whatever is behind me (which is also good value for scaring anyone who happens to be sat in the car behind whilst you're parking) - I guess you could do something similar on the tailgate of the 80?

(Aside - Jan's got one of those weird convex reflecty things on the back window of our 80 series - its not brilliant, but it does help with blind spots - very old school LOL!).

Another idea... what about the JDM reversing mirrors that bolt through the upper tailgate?
Only did this a couple of weeks ago, this was the best place I could find, undo the nut & it slides out & uplug wire behind spare wheel
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I made a bracket that attaches to the upper tailgate bump stop thing that's located just above where the lower tailgate lip sits when closed. Perfect spot.
So I initially stuck it to the inside top brake light, but that angle didnt help me see the bumper which is what I wanted for tight parking - but it would show you generally what objects were behind you.

I settled above the number plate. In terms of avoiding drilling, I ran the wire along the roof headlining, through the rubber grommet that joins the upper tailgate wiring to the body, down the side of the hatch plastics and out of the little gap in the black Toyota numberplate light where there is a tiny lever. You too could do this and then run a longer wire so the camera itself is somewhat movable on a bracket to adjust to whatever situation you've got going on. Zero drilling but do lubricate the wire to get it through that rubber grommet or it will fight you!
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Hi Shayne, not sure what rear bumper you have, but I drilled a hole and stuck mine in the centre of the ARB rear bumper.
If you zoom in on this photo, you can see it just above the receiver hitch.

No bumper yet Clive (i will have to make one) and i don't want to be drilling holes in bodywork i need to repair later because the only thing the cam sees is the spare wheel . Where your cam is seems to be the best option i just wondered if anyone had an alternative idea .
It’s an ideal position for me, it’s a bit fish-eye to begin with but after using it a while, i soon got to know what is where. I can reverse to within a couple of cm to the bumper, and it shows the spare in top corner of the frame, so I can gauge distance to the spare wheel when reversing.

Of course, I had to hit two cars in car parks before I realised I needed one :lol:
Its when the kids are here the blind spot unnerves me , I can see them all , count them all but sometimes the neighbours have grandkids visiting so i walk around and check before reversing out into the lane .
Like some others..have mounted it inside at top of rear window. Let me know if you want to see the camera view as per screen.


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