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Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2007 8:30 AM
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Hi Julian,
Thanks for the reply
Was that the Clarke ones you got from Machine Mart?. Roman recommended those
also I think. They are reviewed here:
I actually got Sealey 6 Ton Stands as reviewed in Auto Express. I couldn't
find anybody that had the winning Kamasa stands and the Clarke
Stands saddle looked a bit acute. My Driveway/Lane is very steep, so I have
to work th LC in the garden and thats not very flat or level either. So the
large feet and stability were important factors for me. I got them for
about ?16 plus Vat and Delivery from Tooled-Up. The Saddle on the Sealey
fits the LC axle at the wheel perfectly so I'd also recommend these for the
Mark O'Connor
Linlithgow, UK
1996 FZJ80 Dual Fuel
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