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Which Landcruiser next?



Hi all,
I just got back from Morocco where I had a brilliant time. Crossed to
Ceuta where it was not possible to get a Green card, but it was very
early on a Saturday morning. Apparently they can be bought in Ceuta
but not at the boarder, or if you can stand the hassle you can
persuade the boarder guards to let you in and buy one at the next
town. If I did it again I would turn up at a more reasonable time and
buy a green card in Ceuta as getting an insurance company in the UK to
provide a green card for Morocco in combination with insurance on a
modified vehicle was a nightmare.
Anyway had a great trip, met some great people, and did some
fantastic, sometimes rather extreme driving, culminating in rolling on
sand dunes. Entirely my fault, remember to go up or down, never
The car proved to be reliable the only problem being the vacuum tube
to the turbo perished and split, easily replaced with a bit of tube
from the water bladder in my rucksack, and the front diff housing came
loose and had to be bolted back together again. When I rolled it the
Maggolina roof tent took the full force and amazingly survived
completely undamaged despite the roof rack being trashed. The car was
on it's side/roof for about an hour, and when winched upright again
started first time and ran perfectly. The only problem was an oil leak
from the pump that powers the MileMarker winch.
The trip was organised by Waypoint Tours who picked some great routes
and cooked some great food, Pictures of
the trip including me upside down are on The whole trip was filmed by
Rugged Guide, and the best bits will be included in a 4x4 Adventure
Touring DVD due for release next year
Having rolled it the passenger side is now rather dented, and the car
is overall rather scruffy looking so I can't use it for work anymore,
so I plan to buy something newer for work purposes and keep the 80 for
more overland use. I'm thinking of getting a 100 series, looking on
E-bay and autotrader it looks like you can get some fairly new low
mileage cars for a reasonable price - I guess with the current
economic woes now might be a good time to buy. So the question is:
What's the best 100 series model to buy? How does the spec vary, which
is the most desirable one, what to look for etc etc.
Or is the new V8 better than a 100 series? Should I wait a bit longer
and wait for second-hand prices of the V8 to get a bit lower?
For the 80, I plan to rip out the rear seats and install a storage
system, and recommendations for which brand is best, or whether it's
easy to fabricate your own?
Andy Haxby
Den Haag NL and Macclesfield UK
80 series, modified both mechanically and now cosmetically too.
That's a very apt number plate you've got there Andy. LOL! I was pleased to
hear how tough the Maggiolina roof tents are, although I don't intend
finding out for myself.
London UK '94 1HDT 80 Auto, 114500+ miles, Safari snorkel, Rocksliders,
Maggiolona roof tent, Engel fridge, Custom Winch bumper & winch
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Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2008 11:58 AM
Subject: [ELCO] Which Landcruiser next?
Pictures of the trip including me upside down are on
Hi Andy,
We met you at Cueta ferry terminal and have just got back ourselves having
taken an extra week or so to come back through Portugal.
We too had a great trip but would like to join a group next time. So often
we had to change our plans because of rain, snow and swollen rivers; being
in a group would give us the confidence to get more off-roading done and
visit more remote areas.
I've taken quite a few pictures of my storage system and will upload them
somewhere for you to look at. The cost was significantly less than those on
the market but it would be easy to under estimate the time taken to make
Paul Driver
Ilkley, West Yorkshire
[Email address removed]
07718 782828
Hi Paul,
Yes, I forgot you were on ELCO.....
I think travelling with a few veichcles gives you a lot more
confidence, and also someone to pull you out when you get stuck, as I
did several times.
Great, thanks. Sadly I don't think I will have time to make anything
myself but I'm interested in design ideas, particularly water tank
placement etc.
Got to go, busy, more later..........
what's wrong with 100? there is one for sale in France and very cheap
indeed...with the new 6trin gearbox!!!
On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 10:16 PM, Reno Lamb <[Email address removed]> wrote:
> >Or is the new V8 better than a 100 series? Should I wait a bit longer and
> wait for second-hand prices of the V8 to get a bit lower?
> The D4D V8 is thirsty unless you have a very light foot. And as for
> waiting for its price to come down, dream on. Toyota France asked for 500
> for its dealers in 2008, but the mother ship would only promise 200. Else,
> in Russia, 5000 were already will be another year at least
> before used hdj200 prices sag.
> The above "facts" were gleaned from French 4X4 magazines and may or may not
> be true. Benoit are you there with your opinions?
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I think that compared to 85k=80 for a 200, the 100s are seeming to be a
bargain. But remember that you have to spend a fair bit to beef up
that weak torsion-bar front suspension. And if Africa is your goal
the modern fuel injectors will not tolerate any substandard fuel.
Install a super fuel filter and Bob's yer uncle as the Ozzies say.
2008/12/4 Lubomir Kolev <[Email address removed]>:
The Ausies only say that because they nicked it off the Brits!
London UK '94 1HDT 80 Auto, 114500+ miles, Safari snorkel, Rocksliders,
Maggiolina roof tent, Engel fridge, Custom Winch bumper & winch
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Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008 9:49 PM
Subject: Re: [ELCO] Which Landcruiser next?
and Bob's yer uncle as the Ozzies say.
Hi Benoit
Please explain the weakness in the front suspension of the 100 series.
What fails or can fail , where is the weakness.
What beefing up are you talking about.
Does the problem arise for normal everyday driving, with age or mileage or
expedition trips.
Julian mentioned that if the suspension is not maintained it can give
problems, how does one know if it has been properly maintained before you
buy it.
So far it would seem the AT gearboxes may have issues, the suspension may
also have issues.
Anything else that one should know about the 100 series.
john 92hdj 80 1hdt
John, my friend did equipe one 100 for raid to Africa - you call that
overlanding I thihnk. He got new stronger front suspension triangles,
stronger torsion bars, Bilsteins, and a big aluminum ski plate.
It all costs =805000 which to me seems too much!
But nobody talks much about that front suspension braking in normal
using around town.
2008/12/4 john byrne <[Email address removed]>:
Yes, the lower suspensions arms on the front are prone to cracking when you start putting bull bars and winches on the front. It's not a big problem, it is well documented and you can either weld on a bracing plate or bolt on a bracing plate that ARB provide for not much money.
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