Which penetrating oil?

Andrew Prince

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Feb 23, 2010
Joburg, sunny South Africa
Bit of a naff question really - I have used 3-in-one penetrating oil and a Halfords own brand and neither was great. So I was wondering what people recommend - I'm sure I have also been too impatient and not let the oil soak long enough and do its job :oops:
So folks, what do you use :?:

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I am in great_britain
Mar 2, 2010
Wirral, GB
Julian said:
My farther in law swears by duck oil, it does seem very good from recent experience
I've been using this for years and it's always done the trick for me, I prefer it to WD40 for penetrating rust etc

Dave Burgess

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Apr 1, 2010
Didcot, Oxon
Jon Wildsmith said:
diesel is good as well.
I'm with you there about diesel, Jon, but it stinks! Diesel is very good for freeing parts if they can be soaked in a pool of it. Try not to spill or drip any if it's being sprayed like WD/Duck/Plus because it kills tarmac and is very, very slippery under foot or tyres.

There is a product the military use called/coded ZX-54 which is supplied by Arrow Chemicals and it is very good - better than WD40.

WD40 isn't really a penetrating oil, though it does not a bad job. Incidentally 3-in-1 is now owned by the WD40 company

The Duck oil option is also very good. Quack :lol:


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I am in norway
Mar 7, 2010
Oslo, Norway

btw - it stands for Water Displacer, attempt No 40 (which was a success)
It is also close to being harmless, vegetable oil, and has 100s of other uses. There are websites listing all the uses, run by wd40-lovers. http://www.google.no/search?as_q=uses+f ... afe=images

The best I've used is Mobil Penetrating Oil, which was discontinued ca 30 yrs ago. I bought a box-full of the little square metal bottles when I heard it was the end, and still have 1/4 bottle left. :)
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