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Whining noise from transfer gear case


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May 14, 2021
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Hi everyone,

New to this forum because I look for some professional advice concerning a whining/grinding noise from the transfer gear case, I think...
It starts after approx 15 min of driving. It is heard when turning the drive shaft both front and rear. As you can hear in the last two videos. The first video is shot during normal driving and the sound is clearly heard!

do you guys have any suggestion what it might be?
Oil was changed a couple of days ago because I hoped that would be the cheapest fix.
there are no visible leaks.
The car is a LC 150 2013 3.0D-4D automatic transmission.
Regards, Klas from Sweden
Does it happen with the centre diff locked and unlocked?
I haven´t tried it in L4 or centre diff.
it sounds as if it is a bearing gone bad. Metal to metal grinding noise!
it was on jacks when I turned the wheels to try to sort out where it came from.
having some trouble uploading the videos...
First video

Moderator: Have you tried simply dragging the video from your PC onto the thread?
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I’m on my iphone writing... it says my type of video file does not work...
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There is actually a problem with uploading large files directly from the phone. I will look into it.
Best option for now is to stick them on youtube and share from there.

If you can hear it when turning the wheel by hand then it might be quite bad as there is no load at that point.

If you're handy with a spanner, perhaps take off the prop shaft to try isolate it. Remember to mark the mating point of the flange before.
All sounds a bit dry.
Yeah, I know... but there was oil in it (1,8 L) and I changed it a couple of days ago! I only filled it with 1,6 L because the specs said 1,4 L...
But not gears though. Doesn't sound like the case is empty, dry seal or something else rubbing on the propshaft.

Does it change tone if you go into low or lock the diff?
I’m back home tomorrow! Will get back to you when I can check that!
Have anyone else of you heard this noise before?
It has been like this since mid october and is getting worse.
I've not. I did wonder if it might be the companion flange rubbing. It sounds quite a high light note.
Doesn't sound like gears. Maybe dry/worn bearing maybe? Does the sound occur when in neutral at all?
My guess is bearing aswell. As soon as I spin the wheels in neutral the sound starts at a low frequency. Also when driving in both drive and shifting to neutral.
I started with driving in L4 with and without the centre diff and the noise is there still.
I have now torn apart the two shafts and listened to the whining noise with a stethoscope and I can hear it clearer near the gearbox and transfer case joins up on the top side.
I cannot pinpoint it further than that without tearing down the transfer case.
worst case could perhaps be the gearbox?
I am very confused right now.
Any suggestions?
Sounds like it needs to go to a garage for a proper look :(
the whine came from the seals going out of the transfer case. So removing and exchanging them made the car stop whining!

thank you for all the ideas and help!

regards, Klas.