Will a 100 1HZ Series Air Con kit fit 75 series 1HZ

Glen61 May 26, 2019

  1. Glen61

    Glen61 New Member I am in australia

    My 1997 75 Series Land Cruiser didn't come with an air con nor mounts so its been a bit of a struggle looking for one from wreckers etc for a decent price. I came across a 100 series 1HZ Air Conditioning kit with the brackets and all and was wondering if it'd fit my 75 series or do the 1hzs between the models differ in positioning etc
  2. iwan_t24

    iwan_t24 Well-Known Member I am in wales

    I wreckon that you'd need the full setup that's on a metal dash 70 cause the evaporator fits between the fan and the heater unit and guessing that you have just the infil section..
    The ac setup kit is a premium unless you can find someone who is breaking one..
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