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Windscreen sun shade for an 80. [tyres]



Hi Julian
Not yet but I am still looking at getting new wheels and tyres for my
cruiser, but they have been very genuine in their replys to me. The search
goes on and on.
Im still amazed at how much difference there can be in dealing with dealers
for stuff. I am still looking for tyres and because I want (would like) 33s
for the cruiser nobody has them around me and when they go looking for them
from their suppliers some are told O no you cant fit those tyres on a 15
inch rim, or O no you can only get that size tyre in 12.5 and because your
wheel is only 8 inches wide it will not fit at all. When you dont really
know your self it takes a lot of time sifting through the crap you get from
people telling you crap.
John C
92HDj 80 1HDT Ireland