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Wiper blades


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Feb 24, 2010
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Simple question, are front the wiper blades on the 80 (1992) Toyota supply only?

They look like they are fixed to the arms with 2 small screws rather than the clip on type you find in Halfords :?
Got mine from milner last week £8 they're fine

You can buy the standard ones like Bosch etc. The normal clip can be taken off and there are holes through which you can stick the screw. The only problem might be a spoiler on the wiper, then that is on the screw wont fit throught the hole. The spoiler can be taken of though.
as noted milner will sell you the appropriate type.

i think the screw on are jdm only with the hook type for other markets. i got some aero type ones from ebay which are screw on type, they were advertised as for an mr2.

the ones i have are 18", which is the correct size, but i note for later models the size is 20". not sure why this is, looks like 20" will fit ok though, so i kind of wish i'd gone for that.