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Worn knob


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Mar 1, 2010
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Have done the wheel skins retrim on the steering wheel and its great, but now my knob (gear) is worn and mr toyboater wants £118 for a new one, i actually think this is not too bad as i'm surprised it is even still available! I am going to approach a local vehicle upholsterer but wondered if there were other solutions.

By the way, it took an hour in the stealer to get the price.

I know this is off the topic but when i was on Disco3 a certain LR dealer did a deal to appear on the site (discounts), had a great storeman, put up with all the silly and serious requests from forum members........but was overwhelmed with orders! Do we have any friendly dealers?

The one in Hedge End, might as well go in with a Kia Pride as you would get the same look as going in with a flagship 80 Series......."bit old innit"
I am not a dealer but do supply the odd part or two to people.

I can see 3 different part numbers for gear knobs but can not see the difference between them


£118 is a bit steep, should be nearer £65 in my opinion ;)

I think the trouble was that it is a VX and has black leather trim, took him quite a while to find.