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Wrong bulbs !!!!

Gary Mead

Mar 29, 2010
Country Flag
recently read about the headlight bulbs being different,just got a set of 6 bulbs of ebay and the 2 inner bulbs are completely different to what is fitted in the car,I didnt realise til i had pulled them all apart and lost half the skin on my hands :x :x :x .
Ended up dropping the headlights out worth the extra 5 mins.

As the inner bulbs are ok i left them in and just changed the sides and outer bulb.
what is the other bulb?is there a mod to fit another bulb?
the hole in reflector would not accomodate a normal size bulb.
As we know 80 headlights are not the best,so will see how i get on with the upgrades.

cheers Gary
The inner 'head' lights on imports are fog lights - from memory something like an H7 as opposed to the Euro spec H1s.
Have a look in the list - I came across these bulbs for imports... they're something like an H6c... have a rummage at some other threads and you'll find it... Currently in Canada but will look when I can...


STOP PRESS!!!!! They're H3c bulbs...
I just replaced both set of lights on my 1996 80 series landcruiser the outer ones were H4 [60/55 ]12V
The iner ones were H1 [ H1 x 100w] 12v
I went to plasma no mods required :thumbup:
That the Aussie version anyway :cool:
Well that saved me loads of time and expense.

Can confirm the inner headlight bulbs (fog lights on the import HDJ81) are H3C and totally confuse the "experts" at Halfords so ordered online.
Just a FYI, the wiring on these cars are now starting to show its age. Relays are starting to run hot, no big deal but it is burning up the connection in the fuse box, seen three now including mine.

I am making up a new loom that will power the headlights direct from the battery, but using heavier relays switch by the OE system.


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