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Yokohama Geolander review.

Dave 2000

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Mar 26, 2010
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good result Dave :)

Yes it was Steve. And IIRC Mark asked about the difference between the '12' and '15'?

Side by side is as follows:

The tread pattern on the later version is actually less 'blocky' (technical term), so perhaps better grip in the wet and a reduction in tyre noise? But less grip in mud, but we do not see a lot of that so......

Sidewall is definitely stiffer even allowing for my originals having a couple of thousand miles on them.

The newer version is heavier, specs on the web vary around how much heavier by a couple of kilos'? To me and the three lads in the workshop all agree it feels much heavier than two kilo's.

They balanced up easier than the earlier model, less weight on each of the wheels.

Driving wise they are 'firmer', the thump when going over ridges is more pronounced, although they only have around 100 miles on them so a bit early to say if that will lessen and the miles rise? There is no noticeable increase in road noise.

I have a bit of a quandary here now though (never happy), I have four matching tyres and unsure of the way forward with them. I am unsure if I will go ahead with the 'Homogolado' next year and follow up the requested tyre size change, and of course change my insurance company. That leaves me with another set of tyres! Or just stick with the new tyres and keep the others as spares. The obvious answer is to use two of the tyres taken off as spares, and then try to sell one tyre, I could not with good conscience sell the repaired tyre, but who will buy one tyre in Spain with the 'same model/brand' law we have here?

I think the way forward is I will sell two of the good '12's, and fit one as my regular spare under the car, and the repaired one can go as my second spare on the roof rack, it is very unlikely to see use but it will be there all the same, and 'I' will know it has been repaired, so will get it changed at the earliest opportunity.