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    1kzte : how to remove injection pump

    yeah, all pins & bolts unscrewed, pump well extracted by knocking on the big bolt head.
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    1kzte : how to remove injection pump

    thanks for the reply, yeh, i have already seen this video on youtube, looks handy but not 100% conform to the reperation manual. for my case, pump removed by removing the radiator (to have enough space) then giving it's big boltsome hard knocks as described in the video.
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    1kzte : how to remove injection pump

    Hi all, i have a land cruiser prado kzj95 and i want to remove the injection pump. i had a look on thee reparation manual page 315. it lists all of the steps to do so. my mecano made them one by one except for the last step because he doesn't have the...
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