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    Loosing Power Again!!

    I had the exact same problem with a Mitsubishi Sport Diesel...Started and ticked over fine, lack of power at revs over 2k, and a strange smell...Mechanics told me unlikely to be the Pump as they are Bomb Proof... fitted new Turbo core,ECG Valve,Fuel filter housing,Fuel feed pipes from Tank Etc...
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    Camber adjustment

    When i say the Springs have sagged i meant that they may have compressed a little over the last 31 years lol
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    Camber adjustment

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    Camber adjustment

    Thanks for the replies guys....Forgot to mention i have fitted new Koyo wheel bearings, and there is no play...Winter tyres and Hubs fitted last week and the problem remains, so discounting the Wheels from the problem....Doing my effing head in !!!
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    Camber adjustment

    Hi Guys....I have replaced ALL the Bushes and Cushions,Track rod ends,Shocks,Steering damper etc on my 1988 LJ70..Had the Tracking and Wheels aligned, Tyres balanced etc..However i am getting serious steering wheel shimmy at 45MPH , when just myself in the truck,but hardly any wobble with...
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    Electric Windows Switch LJ71 1986

    Try these guys....
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    LJ70 Slow Project

    Good luck Shaun....Will keep you occupied for a while. On a project of this scale you have to enjoy what your doing. Good on you !!!
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    Fast idle

    Hi .....Lj70 2LT 1988....I have scoured the workshop manual and various online threads but am unable to discern where the fault lies.....Over the winter after starting my old girl the Revs would steadily increase to about 1500 RPM, so all working as should, however come the Spring then Summer (...
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