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    Be careful where you park.......

    There‘s a perfect example of what I mean, if I’m allowed an opinion. With no disrespect to Raj whatsoever, he’s posted a quote from somewhere, all clever data and math that I’m ready to accept as accurate, but the jarring and subtle sentence (to me) in that quote is “Overall, aviation...
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    Clive's HZJ80

    Cheers Dervis, Higgy, Shayne and Jake (and Nick’s Wow) - yeah I’m just fine thanks guys, been away from the forum for a while with only a few visits from time to time... nothing personal - all is well this end, just waiting till we can have some club visitors, maybe summer 2022? The new (old)...
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    Clive's HZJ80

    A small and rather insignificant update, for the record… Got pulled over by the Poliție again, minding my own business, doing my daily drive to the office. The last time - about this time last year - I was warned to remove the light bars because they are not permitted. Hey-ho, I don’t do much...
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    Be careful where you park.......

    What sickens me is it’s all a con. Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don’t care. To my mind there’s no good evidence of global warming, sorry climate change, and even if there is warming, there’s no good evidence that it’s caused by human activity. And I’ve looked closely at the arguments from...
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    Drone Laws world map and travelling with drones

    I was toying with the idea of getting a drone to complement my little trip vids here in Romania. I checked-out the law and the restrictions here - and to fly one you need to register it with the military! If that’s not bad enough, if you want to take video, you have to give the military 14...
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    It’s looking a bit shabby now TBH, but it still goes well. Took it down to Greece in the summer, 7-up and all our luggage on the roof. It didn’t miss a beat even though it was hot… I mean 48C type hot! Apologies for the thread-jack, I’ll blame Shayne….
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    Coast to coast

    The 80 certainly leads the way Gary, in every sense - what a fine looking specimen it is. Take care clocking up all those miles though, :lol: I’ve just done a holiday run (7-up) from Romania to Greece via an overnight stop-over in Bulgaria each way, it sent my chrono over a total count of...
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    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    Now’t to do with the subject, but going through the comments on a random YouTube vid the other day, someone rounded off a string of banter with… “where would we be in this world, if we didn’t have a sense of humor…”. the next post simply said “France”. Made I chuckle. Hope all is going as well...
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    Bad obsession

    Thanks Rich, stunning stuff… as usual…. “Bring on the thunder…” oops, wrong channel… :lol:
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    Romania - Clive's House and Excursions

    I’ve just scrolled back a page or to of this thread and realize that things have moved on with the work to the back bedrooms, so here’s some update pics. Not finished - finished yet … but pretty close. for the bathrooms, we just need to buy 2 toilet systems, 2 washbasins & vanity units and 2...
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    New member

    GTC Auto, they’re in Popesti Leordeni on the outskirts of the city. You can call Florin on +40722507750 and have a chat about anything you need help with and he’ll put you in touch with the appropriate mechanic. They are mechanics, not just fitters, and they’re mega Land Cruiser enthusiasts.
  15. clivehorridge

    New member

    Sorry to hear all the distress you’ve been having, Mircea. Can’t help you with your problems I’m afraid, whereabouts are you? I’m in Bucharest and know some good guys there who might be able to help, if you need it. Cheers.