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    2012 LC70 Registered in the US

    Hoping to get some feedback on the forum. It's so hard to price these right.
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    2012 LC70 Registered in the US

    Looking for any interest in these LC70s that I have in California. They are 2012's with less than 1000 miles on the odometer. They are registered as 1970s era FJ40s. Please see my introduction post for more details. Cheers
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    Hello. Check out my LC70 in the US. Have 2 more for sale

    Hello everyone my name is Chris and I have multiple Middle Eastern (Oman) two door, soft top Land Cruisers here in the US. I own one and have two for sale. These were purchased in Oman, taken apart, put into multiple shipping containers, shipped over to California, and were put back together by...