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    New here, *1971* FJ45 LWB Build

    Finally, after a few complications brought about by covid travel restrictions, I was finally able to deliver my FJ45 to Classic Cruiser Co2 in Gaborone, Botswana. They started work almost immediately and we cant wait to see how it turns out.
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    New here, *1971* FJ45 LWB Build

    Plans have changed quite a bit in the last month! After stripping it down the bare chassis I am now semi reassembling it so that it can be transported to Gaborone to Classic Cruiser Co Botswana for a professional build which will start in January 2021. It changed because firstly, I...
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    New here, *1971* FJ45 LWB Build

    Hi Rodger I dont think it was submerged in any water, there is no evidence of that anywhere else on the rear end and the rear diff and wheels are in good shape. Other than fine surface rust where the paint has worn off there is no deep rust anywhere onthe body orthe chassis. Also there are...
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    New here, *1971* FJ45 LWB Build

    Ok been a bit busy lately so I havent done as much as I'd like to have done but I have at least managed to pull out the diff and strip the last components off the chassis so it is now completely bare. I also had to go to Gaborone for work so whilst there I also bought the chassis paint and...
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