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    2nd Brecon Beacons Truck meet July 2022

    Oh, not many trucks? I know a few guys have builds underway, but I thought at least 5/6 were hoping to attend...?
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    New member in Costa Rica, LC79

    Hello and welcome. Nice looking truck. :-)
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    79 series s/c chaos and slow progress

    Good on you Pete, truck should be spot on by the time you've finished!
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    I'm still a bit iffy about the lack of prep with Krown, I genuinely struggle to understand how any treatment works if the vehicle hasn't been thoroughly cleaned first (as an absolute minimum). The idea that you can roll up and they treat it there-and-then in less than a day seems questionable at...
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    79 series s/c chaos and slow progress

    Wow Pete, seems like you are right in the deep end with this one. Ref your questions - maybe I'm asking the obvious, but are 1 and 3 related? You say the brakes are binding lightly, but are they heating up with use/speed and then dragging more severely, hence the apparent lack of power? Before...
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    To re gear or not, that is the question

    Nope - you'll not notice any significant difference in fuel use (remember the speedo and mileage will under-read slightly with the bigger tyres) - certainly nothing approaching the cost of a re-gear (you might recoup the cost in 20 or 30 years, I guess). Circumference difference in 31 to 33 is...
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    Newbie question can a rusted sunroof be repaired?

    Hi Kris - sorry about that - TBH I thought all of the 80 Series sun roofs were the same.. maybe someone else on here can confirm/deny. Have you tried Toyota out of interest? Good luck!
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    To re gear or not, that is the question

    Agreed Lorin. Pointless exercise.
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    Newbie question can a rusted sunroof be repaired?

    Replacement parts are still available - not sure if this is what you're after, but for example: Or try Toyota direct - may seem odd on a 30 year old vehicle, but you may get lucky.
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    New and in need of advice on buying a daily LC

    Hi and welcome - good intro :-) This is a great forum - lots of useful stuff and good people. Given you already know what you want it for (which is a major plus point), the next question is really one of budget - though I am guessing that if you were looking at 2016-2018 trucks, then you...
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    4.2 Patrol

    Jeez - MOT history - 500 miles a year between MOTs for the last decade or so. That is very tidy...
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    Self locking query

    Think that's correct. I think its a Thatcham requirement that the vehicle either self locks or self arms if the driver's door hasn't been opened within a period of time after keying the fob. I think its meant to protect you, in case you accidentally thumb the open button whilst wandering off or...
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    Bad Kissengen 2023

    Also a maybe - I was hoping to go a couple of years ago and then everyone got the flu and the World ended and I didn't leave the rock for two years... so 2023 is possible unless we all have Monkeypox by then.
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    Transmission/diff whine

    If he's good with pre-Puma engined Defenders and the like, then he'll be fine with the 80 series. The independent guy I use for any jobs I can't be bothered to do myself (mostly the messy ones) is actually an independent Landrover specialist and he's never had any issued with our truck - though...
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    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Indeed! I was just thinking of an overland build where the builder was fixated on cold bridges, but hadn't addressed the acreage of single pane glass in their build... But genuinely, it wasn't meant as a criticism, looks like a fab build :-)