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    Happy new year to all members

    Every year is a good year if you own a land cruiser. Happy new year all. Let’s hope we can get out and off the tarmac soon.
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    Happy christmas

    Happy Christmas all.
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    Redarc BCDC Chargers 1225 vs 1240?

    Bmonck. Yes I agree, been doing the research myself as currently have a simple relay but want to move over to the redarc to allow for better battery management / solar charging and the option of changing to a better battery in the future. The fact that redarc are not trying to flog their higher...
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    Upper rear lights

    /tractionman. Thanks for the update. It’s still on my list of things to complete but (as for you) work and bad weather getting in the way! Hopefully be able to share some good news on progress before too long.
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    Roof gutter moulding

    Just slotted in on mine Karl.
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    Redarc BCDC Chargers 1225 vs 1240?

    Interesting article on the redarc site: When bigger is not always better
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    Best Place for Reverse + feed

    Had the same issues removing rear bumper the first time; top bolts were not too much of an issue but the bottom ones were corroded solid. Luckily for me the straps were not too corroded so ended up snapping the heads off all the bolts when I tried to release them. Not too big a deal for the...
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Saw this strange warm ball in the sky today, and no rain ..... so got round to changing front and rear diff oil (and new fill and drain plugs). Here’s my rear diff oil filler Works as a front filler too
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    This may save you £100,s for your 4x4

    Well after many attempts to get the old breather out, and a lot of swearing, I finally had a break in the weather today to have another go. Quick trip to screw fix to get a can of Freeze spray [leaving site], 30 seconds of spraying, waiting 2 minutes (as instructions on the can). Popped on...
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    Help! Kzj71 wont start! Maybe ECU?

    Can’t see to clearly from the photo, but the left of the two capacitors looks like it’s bulging so has probably blown, though they usually make a bit more of a mess from experience. I would clean up the board with some fast drying contact cleaner, or similar, to make sure the tracks around are...
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    2006 3ltr D landcruiser j120

    Got mine from Poland, but this is the same one - very happy with it and a very easy job to fit. Much better than the factory thin tin plate one fitted.
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Shayne - Love to soldering iron holder!
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    Leave it in Japan!

    Not my cup of tea! (That’s me being polite)
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    Upper rear lights

    Weather is halting progress for me to. Been looking at the extending of the loom necessary - Tractionman, are you thinking of extending the towing relay loom or going direct to the existing indicators? Was wondering if the extra load of another bulb might not be liked if going direct to the...
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    This may save you £100,s for your 4x4

    I’m with you there. Have a new one, but no chance of getting the old one out! Every time it’s stop raining for a few minutes i’ve been crawling under and giving it a good spray. Hopefully get a few hours of good weather so I can have a go at getting it out.
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