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    steel heater pipe on block 4.2 Diesel

    Nar sorry Frank no video or photos but happy to say, couple weeks later and no leaks still!
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    steel heater pipe on block 4.2 Diesel

    I finished this job on mine on the weekend. Pipe was and absouloute shocker to get out! MY advice to anyone else would be make yourself plenty of room remove the oil filter, batteries ect. Ended up using a gimpy and a big flat blade screwdriver and just persist untill you can get the lip to...
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    steel heater pipe on block 4.2 Diesel

    What's everybody used to glue the new pipe in? stag? Or similar welch plug bond? And is it a interference fit?
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    Power Steering Pump rebuild guide

    Can anyone tell me what the small semi circle spring steel that's included in the kit is for? replacement locating circlip for the bearing on the shaft?
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