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    1HD-FT manual

    Try here:
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    Nu' 10 meeting, bad whatever.

    Worth a look:
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    Toyota diagnostic wire part 09843-18040

    Probably mentioned before, but a decent (i.e. accurate, Norbar etc.) torque wrench will be your friend. If you check the drain plugs and they're below spec for tightness then nudge them up. If ok then (as already mentioned) new seals were not used. Until you get used to tightening things up, a...
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    Hello from Australia + Workshop manuals

    Hi Shaun, Welcome and thanks very much for the manuals link.
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    ~ Power Of Love ~

    RIP Magawa.
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    Nu' 10 meeting, bad whatever.

    Perhaps more of a worry:
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    Need new front prop UJ's

    One thing I did notice with the 95 was a slight tendency to understeer under power with the front prop off, not a lot but might be worth bearing in mind. GMB ujs (as sold by RT) have been fine for me, never tried the Toyo.
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    No electric Land Cruiser

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    what film are you watching tonight?

    Watched The Peanut Butter Falcon and enjoyed it. It's on Iplayer for a while:
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    Tow bar electrics advice needed

    Just in case it helps:
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    ~ Power Of Love ~

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    Merry Christmas you filty animals

    Merry Christmas to all, have a good one and a great 2022 !
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    Rustproofing, updating methods and products.

    No idea if it's any good, probably need a fairly strong pressure washer, but this seemed an interesting idea:
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    Adding interior light 12v / 24v ?

    Hella do a range called Valuefit. I've just got some 7" single led spots (had to get them from USA as Hella UK say they are not stocking them), not fitted yet but well built and very bright. You can get the light bars in the UK: Hella ValueFit Light Bar Range - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
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    Funny Pictures