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    bateries at cost

    well i would not stake my life on the concrete theory being correct but from experience they do go flat on concrete and you will never see any product on the floor in any battery factory you should ever go to. so even if its not right i would recommend you stick them on a bit of wood just to be...
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    Vehicle Identifiaction Number (Paint Code) and Hard top Conversion

    hi there//what numbers do you have i will try and help yes you can just put the hardtop on, but make sure if you buy one that they give you, roof panel, 2x side panels, 2x rear doors, 2x front door bars 1x rear door bar.
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    bateries at cost

    fine to put on the floor if you just put a bit of wood on the concrete, and yes connect to any autonatic charger is the best thing to do Chryler fit optima in engine bays but they are a way away from the engine and have a sort of jacket round them,,so it can be done its just best to fit...
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    bateries at cost

    thanks Chris Concrete is negativly charged and batteries are positivly charged,,and i think the physics is basically everything tries to be neutral so they cancel each other out,,,sorry if i have offended any inteligent people out there with my shit explination We import Optima directly from...
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    bateries at cost

    hi there theyhavea 4 year garantee so as long as you charge every 6 weeks and don`t store on a concrete floor they would be fine to store for that long,,but I would say fit within 6 months, they are desigened to last 6 years sorry for anyone that dosen`t know I am from
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    Need help in locating a 40 serise part

    hi mate i can sort you out with those parts i think, send me a PM Giles
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    bateries at cost

    Hi all,,,one of our purchasing guys (who is an idiot) has accidentaly ordered £500k of product we didn`t need. We have in this around 1400 batteries for Landcruisers, so we are selling for cost. They are very high quality and are made by Hyundai (Koreans make the best batteries) You guys can...
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    original paint, spray or not to spray??

    I bought this truck a long time ago so does not owe me that much so I have decided to sell it, if anyone is intrested I will sell it for 8k
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    Hi from new FJ45 pick up owner

    Looking good, what have you done to the engine? or was it fine and just had a sprus up? I know you have some new 16inch wheels,,what tyres are you thinking about??
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    FJ40 V8 convertion

    Hi mate if i was lucky enough to live somewhere with the sun on my back like you guys out there then i would not be messing with a lexus V8 i would be getting myself well involved with some 4.5 D4D V8 action,
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    Getting My First FJ40 for my first Restoration.

    Hi there I have had a 1969 and I am also restoring a 1968 for a customer, both came from OZ and both were very soild expect the bottom of the rear corners and the rear sill, just like yours. They are really nice to work on and everything comes apart easily, they realy are a dream for home home...
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    Anyone know where I can get a replacement H/top for my BJ41

    yes mate you will need the bars over the front doors,,pretty sure I have them,,sorry my guys didn`t get time to do some photos of the seats but they can do it on monday and i will get them to take some pics of the bars to,,if you have a tailgate on you new hardtop i guess the rear bar must be...
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    recommissioning FJ40 1968

    we have moved on a bit, chassis has been powdercoated and we have fitted complete Old Man Emu suspension,,engine is being rebuilt with new just about everything with the head converted to unleaded. the owner should be pretty impressed when its finnished, bit of a shame he never saw it at the...
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    FJ45 History / Build Date?

    Hi there yours is the later 1976, the earlier ones had overhead wipers ,I can always help with parts but Dave is right its cheaper to try and trade bits with other guys doing restoration. see the HJ45 1976 I sold below just recently,,it has the overhead wipers
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    good excuss to buy a 40 series

    Your right prices are not like the USA here in the UK but they will be for sure. It wasn't that long ago that Split screen VW had different prices all over the world,,,now they are very expensive even in Burma OZ prices have gone up loads, so has Japan, there is a big demand for 40s and they...
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