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    Newbie just picked up a 1970 FJ40

    as said by Rodger & Tony let us have it with the photos ! & welcome to the forum BTW ;-)
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    On this day in history

    before you read this please remember that "Pikey" "did" , "nacker" & "tinker" are racist insults to Gypsy . Romani & Traveller people . On this day, 2 August 1944, around 4000 Roma people in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp resisted being taken to the gas chambers. The SS swarmed...
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    Another new one.

    nice one Gav glad it went well , nervous but exciting times for a dad .Bringing up another generation is probably the most important thing we do .
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    Battery holding charge issue....

    maybe a Ctek charger would be the solution ? V is a pretty crude way of measuring battery capacity. A battery should be at rest -neither being charged or discharged - for at lest 1 hour before measuring voltage will give an accurate reading.The rate of discharge also affects a batteries...
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    Squealing exhaust rubber mount

    I think there's a thread about what Andy describes ??
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    Toyota hdgu100 from Spain

    what a great build & well documented .Are you a professional welder & mechanic ? How was it at the ITV ?
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    TOY !

    I think we take the full on weirdness of the early 70s for granted.Given the backlash against the tellytubbies the banana splits were pretty mild .Magic roundabout ? or the clangers ? totally bizarre & obviously drug inspired.
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    Mwr4x4 from Spain

    Hola Manuel Bienvenido.It's good to have another member from España .some photos of your Landcuiser would be welcome
  9. goodoldboy

    Torque settings help required?

    are you sitting comfortably ? pinion shaft pin 27NM pinion flange nut max 343 NM & a long list of other stuff . i'll try & get a photo posted
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    1990 Land Cruiser 70 series SWB - clutch not fully disengaging

    nice one Kiwi glad that we've been able to contribute.If the gearbox is dropped for investigation it's a good idea to replace the clutch plates & thrust bearing as a matter of course as the cost of parts is small compared to labour.
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    1990 Land Cruiser 70 series SWB - clutch not fully disengaging

    That to me sounds like a huge amount of money in euros! have they explained exactly why it needs a new clutch ? what you've described doesn't sound like a clutch on the way out - is there any slipping under load ? at the risk of pointing out the obvious a clutch is engaged until you press the...
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    Advice on 120.

    Rust & D4D injector problems.What's wrong with the Colorado ? ;-)
  13. goodoldboy

    Unique Campervan...

    pretty impressive , V8 auto ,leather my kind of ride.I remember seeing a 4x4 short bus on a festival site in the 90s based on a Bedford RL or MK chassis .Supposedly one of a coachbuilt series built for Heathrow airport in the late 50s/early 60s ?? the one that i saw had the body of a WV camper...
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    1990 Land Cruiser 70 series SWB - clutch not fully disengaging

    In neutral does pushing the clutch down make a noise?
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