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Recent content by Graham

  1. Graham

    100 series cills

    I will have to ring around, get someball park costs. How much roughly will it cost her ?
  2. Graham

    100 series cills

    Hi Bob, Thanks. I have sourced inner and outer sills complete. Now I need some one to put a price together to cut the old ones out, and weld in the replacements. Are you inclined?
  3. Graham

    100 series cills

    Hi all. My daughter needs a pair of cills for her 2001 Amazon. Where to buy from please? Graham
  4. Graham

    Anybody watch Matts Recovery ?

    80 series roll over. Quite a bit of damage
  5. Graham

    Wales - what's good?

    Take a drive into Anglesey. Head along the A55 towards Trearddur Bay. Fantastic fish restaurant called "The Sea Shanty" 53.27955412118596, -4.615382693445521
  6. Graham

    An interesting Defender.......

    Crazy asking price. No way.
  7. Graham

    2001 V8 with no cat.

    Thanks Jon I should get back underneath, and have a look. Graham
  8. Graham

    Amazon 100 series tow bar

    Hi Gav. Yeah, I was down at 80 breaker 2 weeks ago and seen the 100 towbar. But I didn't know at that time that the one I had was for an 80 series. Otherwise I would have just thrown it in the van and be done with it. Oh well.
  9. Graham

    80 Breaker gone AWOL

    I got an almost new upper tailgate from Garry. Absolutely flawless I even decided to buy the matching lower tailgate, such good condition. Thanks Garry.
  10. Graham

    Amazon 100 series tow bar

    Will it fit on the rear, or is it adapted for front fitment only ?
  11. Graham

    2001 V8 with no cat.

    OK, I thought it was in the single pipe, after the left side, and right side come together, somewhere under the front row of seats. Maybe they are there ? I shall need to have another looksy
  12. Graham

    2001 V8 with no cat.

    So a long term MOT relationship might help? Engine is running superb
  13. Graham

    2001 V8 with no cat.

    Looking under my daughter's 2001 V8 petrol Amazon, there is no catalytic converter. Is one needed for MOT ?
  14. Graham

    Wonderful 47 on eBay

    Are they available RHD in UK ?
  15. Graham

    WTF Covid.

    Sure there could be something out there causing a problem for some people. But no where near as bad as this government would want us to believe. Far to many deaths have been marked up as a covid death, just to keep the government figures believable. I call a stinking pile of bullcrap.