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    New 120 owner

    Just to bump this, to answer the Eurotunnel question. Booked the single over height carriage but ended up on in the low car one. With BFGs and roof rails it’ll clear the height boards and there’s about 10-15cm clearance in the carriage. Had a bit of luggage but wouldn’t have thought there was...
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    120 Invincible.

    Was going to say, mines an 06 and in the £500+ bracket. I wouldn’t describe mine as noisy either, even with BFGs. Was quite happy at 85-90 on the French autoroutes.
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    New 120 owner

    Right, so went for the BFGs and am pretty happy with them. Bit louder and not as smooth but has got rid of the wallowy feel and corners better. Handbrake seized on it days before I was due to go away but got it sorted. Currently in France with it now, where it surprised me at the speeds it...
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    New 120 owner

    Thanks for the reply. Did you notice any adverse affects with going up to 265/70? I was keen to use the standard carriages as you get greater flexibility to catch an earlier train if you arrive earlier. Only other place I’ve had a height problem is the work car park where it doesn’t fit. Good...
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    New 120 owner

    Hi all, I’ve been lurking on here for a few months so thought it was time I joined in the fun. I had an itch for a LC for a while that I couldn’t shake so eventually caved and bought a 2006 LC4 on impulse without consulting the wife (well actually we had looked at two together and she had...
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