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  1. Jake the Peg

    Another one looking for a half decent 80 series

    @Higgy is on the fence for selling his as also mentioned @Gary820 will be selling his soon, I guess 2 trucks and gentlemen you could trust!
  2. Jake the Peg

    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    Good stuff
  3. Jake the Peg


    It’s been a long time since I did my theory during my apprenticeship but I’m sure it’s 1.3bar for a normal radiator cap which raises the boiling point of straight water to around 120c, the use of correct Toyota coolant brings this to 125c under the pressure of 1.3bar
  4. Jake the Peg


    I wouldn’t be too concerned about that either, you could have a coolant system flush done, change of thermostat to a lower opening temp and replace the coolant with a waterless type, this will increase the boiling point of the coolant. It could be worth having an exhaust gas temp installed, this...
  5. Jake the Peg

    Best 80 series tyre size

    I’m in Russia until 15th so can send you some then, but these are wheels on the truck!
  6. 375C88D8-D07F-44B6-91EB-627377900D61.jpeg


  7. 445E452A-65F6-4BA4-950B-93DE35D5047D.jpeg


  8. 623BE3CD-5444-4BBC-8FEC-634B6D43F58A.jpeg


  9. Jake the Peg

    Best 80 series tyre size

    I’ve got a few sets of 16”wheels for the 80 for sale, 1 set of 4 oem wheels, 1 set of 5 and 1 set of 4 jap import 5 spokes. The set of 5 wheels is fairly decent but the other 2 sets would need a refurb!
  10. Jake the Peg

    New (to me) LC80 - A rolling project - first question!

    I’ve done a couple now with spray enamel paint, cleaned up with the wire wheel on the grinder, two coats of zinc primer and two coats of the enamel spray
  11. 459AC6F5-B714-411E-B8EF-0AE73CE32E79.jpeg


  12. FF87562F-E9EF-481E-89FC-593347B1AE2B.jpeg


  13. Jake the Peg

    Clutch Slip Travel Risk?

    @Higgy i think he was already there turning to us to say go for it, but if it’s slipping in mud, how much confidence would you have setting off for a long trip? I’m with you on the supping ale tho:)
  14. Jake the Peg

    Clutch Slip Travel Risk?

    I’d think if the clutch was indeed slipping in the mud, and not being ridden, with that mileage it would be worth making plans to have it changed asap, as you don’t have time to do it before you leave can you schedule a day to have it done on the trip, this will also allow you to plan a suitable...
  15. Jake the Peg

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to you all, Lang may yer lums reek! Let’s hope for a bit more freedom and a healthy dollop of common sense in 2022!