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  1. J

    Where are you from?

    My mum always told me when asked where I came from, under a gooseberry bush son. lol
  2. J

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    Hi Chris, Wishing you all the very best, keep fighting fella.
  3. J

    Chrome Browser

    Chrome here to using Windows.
  4. J


    Little girl Grandad can you croak like a frog ? Grandad no why ? Little girl well mum say's when you croak we can all go to Disney land.
  5. J

    Not Toyota but opinions and experience required.

    Bought my daughter a Honda Jazz just before lockdown and it's been ultra reliable, cheap to run.
  6. J

    Anyone seen or heard .

    Wonder if he’s in my Elsie
  7. J

    Anyone seen or heard .

    From Byron lately Not seen him on here for a while
  8. J

    Slow forums

    Being the author of this thread I have to report that the last couple of days things have improved
  9. J

    This weeks effort part two

    It’s Brazilian mahogany you can’t get, well you can at a real premium from specialists or someone who has old stock
  10. J

    This weeks effort part two

    Thanks all, the thing is I am not far off 70 now and I won’t be doing this for that much longer I would like to pass on some of my skills/knowledge to a youngster whose keen to learn There’s none about, their glued to their phones and just want the money, I’ve had them in my workshop and to...
  11. J

    This weeks effort part two

    Been tinkering again this week
  12. J

    This weeks effort

    No Bob no steaming done. All cut from solid timber sections and jointed
  13. J

    This weeks effort

    Keeping myself to myself ( Social distancing ) in my workshop this weeks effort
  14. J

    Slow forums

    No change here also, still slowwwww or frozen
  15. J

    Ancestry look up

    Pm sent Nick