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    Future Lincomb?

    It would be a shame to lose Lincomb as a venue, but interest seems to have fizzled out since the early days. Is there enough interest to keep it going as purely a social meet up, with the woods available for playing if desired, but nothing organised in terms of games or punch challenge? If it's...
  2. Jon Wildsmith

    Fuse location.

    I think that's in the passenger side kick panel fuse block Chas, and I *think* they're labelled on the cover.
  3. Jon Wildsmith

    Front fog lamp relay

    No experience of it, but I believe yes, some form of dash removal is needed to get that panel off and get at the relays on the back. I've never seen any kind of detailed write up of this being done on the internet though, which is a shame. Let us now how you get on.
  4. Jon Wildsmith

    Converting a 100 series to 105.

    I don't think it's weaker. I'm pretty sure I read the IFS drive shafts are thicker than 80/105. I guess the CV boots are theoretically vulnerable to damage, but they're quite well protected by the lower arms. The front suspension travel is pretty poor though, which can be a bit limiting. That's...
  5. Jon Wildsmith

    Urgent help with suspension problem please

    Plug it in to techstream and see what the computer says is wrong. If you don't have techstream, maybe someone local to you does? Better than guessing ...
  6. Jon Wildsmith

    Indicators cutting out while towing

    That's a strange combination of symptoms ... I think the indicator flasher relay is behind the drivers side kick panel. Maybe you could track that down and see what's going on voltage wise at the relay?
  7. Jon Wildsmith

    Cut wires on bumper driving / fog lights (failed RWC) - How to fix?

    Those lights look like aftermarket, in an aftermarket bumper? Looks to me like whoever added those lights just didn't connect all the wires, rather than them being cut. Normally there's just a fog light and 2 wires.
  8. Jon Wildsmith

    Rear axle trailing arm bushes.

    You could get OEM from Amayama?
  9. Jon Wildsmith

    Autumn Pub Cruiser Chillout. 2 - 4 Oct 2020 *** Cancelled***

    1) Trev 2) Crusty Chris 3) Andy and Maria 4) Chas 5) Nick 6) steve Patrick and Esme 7) KB 8)David and maybe her indoors 9) Jacob 10) Tony 11) Jon
  10. Jon Wildsmith

    Lincomb Sept 4 - 6th 2020 (New thread)

    1) Trevor 2) Nick 3) Gav and James 4) Steve Patrick and Esme 5) Chris 6) sam 7) Andy 8) Jon
  11. Jon Wildsmith

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    1. David - maybe, depending on border controls; 2. Jon Wildsmith - Postponed until 2021? 3. Chas, . . . . . . if I can get a new kidney before September. :laughing: 4. Higgy and Clare...(Subject to Clare missing out on her Teachers Holiday this year) :lol: I'm going to drop out for this year...
  12. Jon Wildsmith

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    Will the pub be doing food for lunch and evening as normal? I'd probably live off pub grub for the duration if so!
  13. Jon Wildsmith

    Summer Pub Cruiser Chillout 24 - 26 July

    1) Trevor Sat and Sun 2) Tony Sat and Sun 3) nick Sat and Sun 4) Steve Sat and Sun 5) Jon Sat and Sun
  14. Jon Wildsmith

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    I have a flexible booking Clive . I do have a delayed shipment of parts from Amayama causing a bit of concern at the moment for the truck being ready though and could yet drop out, and is Hungary still closed? so please plan for what works best for you first and foremost.
  15. Jon Wildsmith

    Trying to start by itself!!

    When you turn the key to the start position, I'd expect to see 12v at one of the bottom pins. 9v is a bit odd actually. I don't know which of the two bottom pins should be 12v and which should be 0v unfortunately, but it should be quite clear cut - not one is 12v and one is 9v - that would...
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