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    FS: 1.8 X 2.0 awning and room with floor

    If gav isn't interested I'll be interested in this please Jacob
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Replaced water pump on the 80, bit more of an involved job than I thought. Timing belt off, cam gear off then front cover off. Not Toyota's best idea. Also replaced n/s/r calliper as siezed and the pads while I was there.
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    Project mush 80

    Alternator bearing seized up yesterday, do you think I'll get warranty? Only 27 years old with 215 thousand on it. Did manage to strip it and free it off and now it works but how long for? Shame you can't buy the bearing, spoke to a couple of local suppliers and they couldn't help. Ordered a new...
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    Replacing front wings

    I asked about them wings and I was told 580 for the pair. Bit pricey for my liking, I'll repair what I've got
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    285 75 16 BFG AT KO2's for sale.

    Tyres on and looking good, did require slight mods to the front mudflaps
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    Kzj70 build

    Gave the chassis and axles a once over with hammerite, got to keep yourself entertained on days off. As you can see the chassis ain't bad for 26 years old
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    285 75 16 BFG AT KO2's for sale.

    Eyup Andy we'll be interested in them off you
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    Kzj70 build

    Nothing major to report, passed her mot with flying colours, replaced the rear transfer box seal as it had sprung a leak. Took her for a spin round the peaks
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    Basic service parts and brakes ect are easy enough to source, anything regarding modyfying or body panels you better have an open cheque book
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    Basic split-charge system for portable power pack

    I personally can't see any reason why that won't work, an Anderson plug like in picture 1 will be fine
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    Kzj70 build

    Wired for sound at last! New dash speakers, 5 inch speakers in the rear and an 8 inch sub today. Now sounds wonderful and not like a pair of earphones
  12. Josh Tagg thats why my winch wasn't working...

    I've only ever used mince twice, first to pull someone out of a ditch and the second time to pull myself out of a ditch after I reversed in to it not looking what I was doing. Both occasions a winch or a 2nd vehicle would be the only option. So sometimes you don't even have to be off road to...
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    What budget laptop?

    We've got 2 chromebooks and if all you're doing is browsing ebay the forum and roughtrax like me they're brilliant as they load instant and have built in security. If you have a Google account you can link all your pictures from your phone to the laptop via Google drive. Brilliant for the money
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    Another 'light' restoration

    Finished article on its first shakedown, there's just tracking left to be done today.
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    Project mush 80

    Rebuilt the steering box today after the oil was coming out as fast as it went in. The lower dust seal had fell out and after getting the shaft out you could see why. Someone had evidently twatted the box with the hammer causing the seal section to be oval. Wasn't too bad a job actually, the...