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    Central Locking not working in the morning

    Yep problem solved after changing the battery in the key fob Took a little bit of running around to find but all good now :) Thanks for all the suggestions
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    Central Locking not working in the morning

    Thanks for all the idea's fellas I got the battery type from the manual so will search that out tomorrow All the equipment is OEM I have indeed stayed in bed until midday from time to time :p
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    Irishman in Australia

    Sure thing Rob, here's a summary map of the journey 15289073_10157766995275244_4565340982317636204_o by joshcork posted Apr 30, 2017 at 6:41 PM You're all good Richard, here's a shot of me and and the jeep in Pakistan 2_28409848596_o by joshcork posted Apr 30, 2017 at 6:46 PM I'm working on a...
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    Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan
  5. 15289073_10157766995275244_4565340982317636204_o


    Perth to Perth (and then Ireland)
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    Irishman in Australia

    Haha ye I can see he's well practiced with the barking :p Sure thing I went all the way to Europe last year so ask away :)
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    Irishman in Australia

    Hi All, I've been bouncing around Australia for the last 6 years working and touring with my Prado. Recently moved over to Sydney, came here looking for some solutions but find a good gang here. I'm interested in overlanding (did a massive trip last year), camping and exploring Sydney area...
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    Central Locking not working in the morning

    Thanks for your awesome reply Richard I've updated my signature with a bit more info I tested some of what you mentioned yesterday morning and made sure if wasn't the battery. I'll try more fiddling with the fuse tomorrow. The problem is only when the car is cold in the morning. Not moving the...
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    Central Locking not working in the morning

    Hi All, I've had my awesome Prado GXL Diesel for about 5 years and recently the central locking is too lazy in the morning or perhaps when cold to work. Once I've run the car for a while and later during the day its all good Does anyone else have this issue? Is the battery starting to fail on...
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    Various pictures my toys
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    My offroad trips
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