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    Auxiliary Fuel Tank Project (Land Cruiser 90)

    I have only this picture more. Later I installed breather hose to the neck too, it was too difficult to fill up without it. I was able to choose which tank I am filling with smaller fueling gun, with bigger (truck) gun it was not possible. I don´t know do you have the same size guns there or...
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    The ECU box have different part number (89661-60510) in intercooler version too. I have the one for sale if somebody is intrested. There is no immobilizer in this ECU model. The intercooler won´t give +20hp/50Nm without extra fuel.
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    My colorado is now Undriveable.... :(

    I had just the similar problem recently in my LC90. Changed the filter, gave fuel directly to the pump from can and no... The returning hose was dry all the time. So, I found a tiny metal filter from below returning line banjo plug pipe. Cleaned it and yes, it promised but not good. Then I put...
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    My colorado wont start after I changed the Fuel Filter

    Have you pumped the filter? That black thing on it. Press when it feels quite hard, if it´s easy to pump, there is air in the line.
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    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    Half of that, 0.67 bar.
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    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    You can not remap Toyota ECUs. This is installed between the ECU and pump, one wire is cutted and goes through the box, the other 5? wires are robbed from ECU wires. The box includes new boost pressure adjust box/sensor, which goes over the original boost sensor. This allows to run constant...
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    Blanking off EGR valve

    Check this: ... co.EGR.php Edit: you found it by yourself too: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11952
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    Front Lower Control Arm Bushes - Worst Job so Far

    I got mine bushes replaced too. It was as difficult job as fridayman warned. :doh: Quite similar story with the camber adjust bolts, one came out with hands!, second with 15 min hammering with 5 kg hammer, 3rd with little less hammering and 4th... no way to get it out, 5 kg hammer is not heavy...
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    1kzte HEAD!

    Your choise, you have been warned. :naughty: I would not take the risk... I bought mine chinese head from this guy:
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    what batteries to go for ?

    2 x Yellow Optima 75 Ah. :thumbup:
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    1kzte HEAD!

    You are right, never buy chinese copy. I did that, it lasted only 4 months/6500 km! :evil: All heads are made of aluminium. Then I bought oem Toyota head from Steve OBrien, Engine Company Services Ltd: :thumbup: Complete original Toyota head with Toyota head gasket...
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    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    It fools the wastegate for more boost (there is an electric bleed valve in the kit, connected to the box) and just the box between few ECU wires.
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    1kzte engine vs 1KD-FTV D4D ???? Differences???

    It´s very easy to get over 200bhp from 1KZ-TE: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10696&
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    125 hp/295 Nm to 216 hp/445 Nm

    Stock size tires (265/70), stock turbo, 3" downpipe+exhaust, intercooler and Adonis Raid -box. Boost about 1.3 bar.
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    Turbo modifications?

    About 1.3 bar, max. EGT is about 700°C after turbo. 700°C is the max temp you should run at, but it´s before the turbo. I have measured it after, so it can be about 800°C before. So, it´s not safe to run long time at full throttle in my situation.