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    Blown 100A Alternator Fuse

    well, lots of success today - fusebox successfully split and the 100A fuse removed. Pics for reference: Inserted some bamboo skewers into the clips holding the fusebox together (six in total) Using a screwdriver, gently prise apart the box (very easy with all the skewers holding them...
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    Blown 100A Alternator Fuse

    There's three that are bolted in - 100A Alt Charge fuse (main Fusible link) as well as an 80A and another (can't recall size) that are all bolted through "Male" fuses, the other large fuses are Female push fit jobs then it's all micro-blade fuses for the rest
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    Blown 100A Alternator Fuse

    Did a search on Milners for "100AMP Fuse" and found them there for £2.30 - as I'm ordering an alternator from them at the same time, I figured I'll add it to the order - so good news is that they do stock it, but they don't list it on the KZJ95 page. I'll get photos tomorrow, I've been...
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    Blown 100A Alternator Fuse

    Help! tldr: Alternator kaput, 100A Alt Fuse gone pop, how do you remove the alt fuse? So my KZJ95 has been uber reliable until today - came to the truck after work and inserted key to be met with a groaning, slowly rotating and then nothing attempt at starting the engine. Lights dimming and...
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    Borked trail gauges?

    Well, somewhat strangely, I got into it after work last night, and it all came on - so I think it's a dodgy connection rather than a fuse that's the issue, but it's the first time it's done it - I think I shall keep an eye on it...
  6. majic79

    Borked trail gauges?

    Long time no post! Got into my uber reliable and trusty truck this morning and the exploration gauges mounted on top of the dash (standard fit Colorado VX equipment) didn't come on - no backlights, no indicators (temperature, orienation, tilt/roll) - I quickly checked the fuses, but didn't see...
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Annual tax extraction
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    Help for tyres - did I make a good choice?

    Can't say much about Nokians specifically, but I often use M+S marked snow tyres in the winter months on my road rally car, they do the job well at low temperatures (zero celsius and lower) and in dry/damp/ice conditions. On the same car, the same winter tyres melted when driven hard on tarmac...
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    Would you,

    Seems a fair price for it - have you enquired about new window costs? Some of insurances don't cover windscreens (I had to try a few places before I found one that covers the truck, third party on other cars and covered windscreens!) and if you buy it with a broken windscreen, they won't cover...
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    Help for tyres - did I make a good choice?

    I lived in Cyprus for a few years and have visited Greece a couple of times, I would have thought those tyres are a bit more "Northern" oriented than you need. I'd probably look at HT (Hard Terrain) type tyres instead of AT (All Terrain), given the amount of on/offroading you refer to. These...
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    fuel pump chirping.

    wind noise? I know mine has a little bit of a whistle sometimes from around/near the sunroof, but I just ignore it, might get some rubber-refresh stuff on the seals around the sunroof and see if that improves things - one of man things on the big long list that's getting ignored at the moment
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    Front CV Outer boot

    I've always thought it worthwhile removing joint from the shaft (in situ) and degreasing, checking for heat marks (sign that the hardnening will start to fail if it's been run dry) and pitting (debris getting into the boot) and making sure it's clear of debris before reassembling - this way you...
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    For those who like to rock - we salute you

    Meh. Wishing I had a s WiFi enabled internet radio out in my garage!
  14. majic79

    For those who like to rock - we salute you

    Hmmm, are they on DAB? I usually listen to RealRadioXS as they have a DAB station that I can pickup while I'm working outside, or flick it onto one of the PC's when I come inside
  15. majic79

    120 D4D injector recall

    Are any of them supplying pictorial evidence? Without this, I think the value of those testimonials is nil
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