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    VW main dealers on here?

    I read this with interest, it’s because I use several independent mechanics, I have a mechanic who I’ve used for over 30 years for our Comercials HGV and vans, I have another I use for diesel problems and servicing on our fiesta and similar, I have another who is mainly a Land Rover mechanic...
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    Landcruiser 80 "tuned" fuel pin.

    hello, please send me a pm , I’m a dodo at things such , thanks, Bill Westley
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    Not a Bruiser, but you may find it interesting

    Not a new chassis, just cleaned with a wire brush ( electric of course) hand finished with Emery cloth etc, then spray painted, proper undercoat etc. The body had a little rust worm in the usual places for Patrols, you might might note he is single and if he wants to work on his truck to...
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    Not a Bruiser, but you may find it interesting

    A fellow overlander who is a good friend favours Nissan Patrols, and recently has had to rebuild his truck, (we had a very successful trip a few years ago to Morroco, me in the Bruiser and he in the Patrol) . About a year ago the 4.2 turbo diesel motor gave up, ( don’t know why, yet) Nissan...
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    Full bib and tucker with nowhere to go...

    The bruiser has had its service, Lucas additive in the engine oil, Forte additive in the Diffs, new oil in the brake lines, discs and pads checked/ renewed, all new genuine Toyo filters, belts checked, already has new BFG ATs , so, ready to go, where? .....Nowhere, and the duchess...
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    Newbie here

    Hello and welcome,
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    Dakar 2021 'Classic' race

    100% Agree, As a youngster i rode motorcycle Trials, i was useless but had fun in exactly the same way and with all the usual suspects . do you know what? I still do have fun, however, my lovely wife has the “ competitive spirit “ the “ have to win” mentality, its no crime, but i much prefer...
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    Keeping Busy during lockdown

    Finally I’ve got off the rear end and spent a little time in the garage. The mission? Rebuild the Bruiser 80 starter motor. The starter began to give up the proverbial in the typical way , chattering etc, I replaced it with an item from “Roughtrax” ( great firm) and put the offending item...
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    Best 4x4 not actually going very far..

    Going downhill is the real test when driving in the snow, when ( when eh?) I drive to the Alps so the Duchess can ski I never leave home without snow chains, one chain for each wheel, I have real heavy duty ones, the Bruiser is a tad heavy with all the luggage and extra passengers to chance...
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    thank you all, I’ve enjoyed reading these comments, some gave me a chuckle and others made me groan inside, how sad that an Icon as the defender ( I’ve never owned one) is now the subject of such derision. I have to admit it’s a handsome vehicle, but the reports on the tube really demolish in me...
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    Scotland North Coast 500

    Whilst there we watched a bit of “Scottish Countrywide” TV, and one chap ( English resident) said that when he and others promoted the NC 500 ( 5 years ago?) they didn’t expect the success of the route, however, the down side of its success is the amount of free camping, which they now call “...
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    Scotland North Coast 500

    Thank you very much for the invitations, we certainly would have loved to enjoy a cup of tea with you. As we travel home and reflect on the “adventure” what has evolved is the fact we both want to return, From my own perspective in that my mother was Scottish and I have cousins here, it would...
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    Scotland North Coast 500

    i will as soon as I can get them from the Duchess’ iPad, couple below, I would like to add, if you can, do it, it’s good and interesting, just a couple of points tho, get good maps, sounds obvious but essential, do not rely on your google or gps, lots of spots with no reception , lots of...
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    Scotland North Coast 500

    After cancelling our pre booked trip to Corsica in October 2020, we looked around for something to take its place, the restrictions at the beginning of the month were ok to travel round the north of Scotland, so, off we go. We live in Essex and so we planned to make a stop in the Lake District...
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    Sad sale,

    Item 1) Old but good ( pre super 7) Myford lathe, fully functional pics later Approx 36inch bed single phase Item 2). Box Ford hobby lathe similar size to the Myford single phase if you are “into lathes” you might recognise the type. Lots of bits and stuff to go with them. Items 3/4 are two...
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