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    Greta’s gone diesel?

    Yes, she comes from a rather privileged background, as do most of the people that like to lecture us about such things.
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    Greta’s gone diesel?

    the trouble is though the message she’s peddling to the kids is neither fair nor accurate. I actually take the view that she is a vulnerable child being exploited.
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    HJ60 gearbox needed

    Was it the 5th gear that let go?
  4. moggy1968

    Neil Peart dies, 67

    Was very saddened and shocked to hear the news. One of the great drummers, more of a percussionist really. Vast range.
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    Funny Pictures

    It is quite shocking
  6. moggy1968

    Funny Pictures

    There are more tigers in private ownership in the USA than there are in the wild :cry:
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    Free hospital car parks.

    people park in them and then go shopping or working elsewhere.
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    Funny Pictures

    £4000 a month is pretty cheap!!
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    In remembrance

    In August when we went to Milan I stopped off at a village in Vosges region where the SAS and SOE were causing lots of trouble for the Germans on operation Loyton. I read about it in a book by Damien Lewis. Under Hitlers Commando Order 31 SAS soldiers were executed, and in retribution over 200...
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    Please help. I can't stop crying.

    but deeply troubled. Have you read his war memoirs? Start off very funny but become increasingly dark.
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    24v auto on e bay

    How about £85k for a range rover? Ok, so it’s a velar prototype but I’ve also seen £65k being asked for a suffix A. Prices have gone mental over the last few years, since defender production stopped really.
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    24v auto on e bay

    I'll have some of whatever he's been taking!! How much?!! What a POS! and WTF is that tow bar all about!!
  13. moggy1968

    10 Millon Cruiser stickers

    Got mine today
  14. moggy1968

    Funny Pictures

    Maybe try being less argumentative, grumpy and salty then. (Says he!:laughing-rolling:)
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    Funny Pictures

    I know that, I called it 'your thread' because of the number of posts you make which makes your post against jibber somewhat hypocritical. Seems you're just looking for trouble, again. Yes, I do think you would be that petty, because you were being., as you have been on the 'on this day in...
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