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  1. prendergast7

    landcruiser club Ireland

    I tried them but no response. I only have a Facebook page but there are no phone numbers. I had a place booked since March but its falling through now so I'm back of the q again. You're right to wait but by the looks of it I'll be waiting along time
  2. prendergast7

    landcruiser club Ireland

    im having real difficulty getting someone to do the rust repair on my Landcruiser. I had someone lined up but he is having medical difficulties. most places say they are swamped with camper vans and generally loads of work. any help down general Leinster area would be great.
  3. prendergast7

    LJ70 Slow Project

    it's incredible what people can do on this forum - amazing work Shaun. i can only dream.
  4. prendergast7

    Vintage insurance Ireland

    Hello Irish vintage Landcruisers. My Landcruiser is vintage in 2022 so I'm preparing it now for next year. Anyone gone through the vintage process recently in Ireland?
  5. prendergast7

    Restoring to her former glory - BJ74 FRP

    when you said build it back up I'm feeling very inspired - i need to do the same with mine. not sure where to start
  6. prendergast7

    Restoring to her former glory - BJ74 FRP

    this sounds brave Phoenix_cruiser but maybe you have done this before? here is a link to the Landcruiser museum and maybe you precise one is on this website - maybe post the VIN plate here so we know exactly.
  7. prendergast7

    Two 70 series for sale Irleand??

    yes, good advice, thanks for that. My own one is in fairly good condition but lots of spots on the body that need sorting - so I think a body lift off the chassis is needed? or is it? - allot more expense with that. I don't have a shed, the tools or the know-how to even try. I'm getting...
  8. prendergast7

    Two 70 series for sale Irleand??

    Its priced at 12k on done deal and 8.5 on their own site so wondering what is the price. If he's interested in a trade on my lj71 I woukd go for that as im getting massive quotes on a body lift and restoration on mine (that's for another thread). In terms of cars tax I guess buying it and...
  9. prendergast7

    Two 70 series for sale Irleand??

    Does anyone know if this is legit? Two very similar 70 series landcruisers for sale from the same place at different prices. Are these two the same? Toyota , 1993. Full restored. for sale in Longford for €12000 on DoneDeal - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]...
  10. prendergast7

    Prado Manuals

    can anyone point me to the download page for the manuals? specifically the LJ71. much thanks :innocent:
  11. prendergast7

    Manual LJ71G

    sorry Tony I didn't have any jokes :anguished: - but I'm at 20 now :happy-sunshine:
  12. prendergast7

    Lockdown cruiser

    good to know Del that you are available for small job help. My LJ71 is in storage at the moment and is vintage in 2022 so looking to get her back on the road then. Amazing work on the LC70 - would you be in a position to help with a body lift on mine? would that be a huge ask?
  13. prendergast7

    Hello from the west of Ireland.

    Hi Breandan - did you do that engine swap in the end - I may need to do something similar with my LJ71
  14. prendergast7

    Manual LJ71G

    nearly there now :happy-sunshine: