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  1. pugwash

    Waxoyl or Dynitrol services?

    Lo All, Hoping to be back in cruiser ownership soon (yay!) Might need a really high quality undersealant job- I beleiev Dynitrol edges waxoyl, but I also believe that doing a good job trump's all! Do we have any club members who underseal cars, or "go to" suppliers? Trying to understand cost...
  2. pugwash

    Winch bumper question!!

    If you can wait until next week I think I might have a tjm mount for an 80 series in the shed I won't be able to check until next week though
  3. pugwash

    V8 Marks Adapter Plate

    ps do you have the flex plate converter too by any chance?
  4. pugwash

    V8 Marks Adapter Plate

    Hi Jon Do you know which model adapter plate it is? will it fit a toyota auto or manual? thanks James
  5. pugwash

    Anyone on here own a 80 with KAZ 1885 as the number plate?

    If so i massively cut you up getting on to the A34 near Newbury the other day for which i most assuredly deserve a pasting. Sorry! Nice truck though! had a top mounted intercooler and a airtop tent as well as some other nice goodies?
  6. pugwash

    The Big Outdoors

    Are you sure you've got the right people as that's the first time i've heard that said about the organisers and i've been to a couple of their events now- PM me what you didn't like as i'd be interested to know. There are a number of guys on here who went on a winch training course a few years...
  7. pugwash

    Black edition 80 in kingsclere nr Newbury

    No on here! That's a surprise, it's a lovely truck, all the right bits, and very well put together
  8. pugwash

    What do you do?

    Senior deal leader, mid market mergers and acquisitions (help yourself if you to work out what that actually mean :) ) before that I owned a chain of fish and chip shops, before that I was a stockbroker.
  9. pugwash

    Black edition 80 in kingsclere nr Newbury

    Who has a very well prepped black edition 80 series that works in Kingsclere (Berkshire)? STOP PARKING IT OUTSIDE MY WORK AS JEALOUSY IS AN UGLY EMOTION it must be someone on here as it has one if Julian's stickers and the lift up rear window plates. Whoever it is, if you see a man in a...
  10. pugwash

    80 Series starter motor- parts and suppliers

    Unfortunately my 80 has gone a life in the sky, but the starter ran perfectly with no hint of trouble to be honest I'd totally forgotten about it after I fitted it!
  11. pugwash

    Can anyone help me winch out large chunks of oak?

    A massive massive thanks to doodle, Cossack and johnnyboy. We spent the whole day dragging out pieces of 4foot diameter oak, four or five of which were well over a tonne, and got close to stalling a goldfish! Even double lined it was putting some load on. There was no way that I could managed...
  12. pugwash

    Can anyone help me winch out large chunks of oak?

    Thanks guys, have PM'd you
  13. pugwash

    Can anyone help me winch out large chunks of oak?

    Hi Johnny and Doodle, Doodle would be very grateful- not sure on time, we'll be there from aroun 9 until around 4-5 with a 2 hour break somewhere to drop a load back to base. Any help very very gratefully received. Johnny- thanks for the offer but I think we're ok- we've got loads of strops...
  14. pugwash

    Can anyone help me winch out large chunks of oak?

    Quite possibly :icon-biggrin: Why?
  15. pugwash

    Can anyone help me winch out large chunks of oak?

    Hey guys, bit if a long shot, but I need to drag out some very chunky pieces of oak from a property in Camberly this Saturday- pretty much impossible by hand! Would anyone be able to help with a winch by any chance- probably take two hours or so. thanks in advance James